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XPEL, Inc.


NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced


San Antonio, TX


Automotive and Architectural Protection Products (Retail/Wholesale)

XPEL designs, manufactures, and distributes innovative automobile and architectural protection products.

Intente worked with the XPEL team to design and develop a new NetSuite web store for their retail customers with SuiteCommerce Advanced to replace their external WSDK NetSuite site. The new site features robust, guided searching, an installer locator, custom landing page designs, and targeted marketing forms.

Intente migrated the XPEL Sitebuilder dealers site to a second NetSuite SCA web store. The store is designed and implemented with e-commerce features that allow dealers to easily search 80,000+ products, purchase selections, and manage their account. The web store has an integrated single sign-on with XPEL’s DAP (Design Access Program).

Project Details

  • Responsive NetSuite web store with SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • Custom dropdown mega menu with curated links
  • Guided/chained search for
  • Pre-Cut Kits
  • Installer locator
  • Custom case and lead forms
  • Integrated blog
  • Easy updates with extended configuration UI
  • Instagram feed on home page
  • Unique Commerce Category landing pages
  • Landing pages and enhanced content with Site Management Tools and custom content types
  • Single secure shopping domain

Additional Dealers Site Features

  • Password-protected web store
  • Single sign-on with DAP
  • Vehicle make/model/year kit search
  • Custom case forms
  • List templates tailored to easy ordering
  • Single secure shopping domain

Services Provided

SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)
SuiteCommerce Theme
SuiteCommerce Extensions
UX/UI Design
Sitebuilder to SuiteCommerce Migration

XPEL SuiteCommerce home page
XPEL SuiteCommerce dealer locator
XPEL SuiteCommerce mobile
XPEL SuiteCommerce product list page
Intente SuiteCommerce Web Store Design, Development & Consulting