Policies and Terms of Service

We want to work with you, and to provide you with the best services possible. To that end, following is some general information regarding our business practices. In all circumstances, however, a more particularized contract will set forth the actual agreement between Intente and its customer.

If you don’t find the answers here, please contact us. Please see our terms of use page for detailed legal information about using this website.

Date of last update – 3/1/2022.

Proposals/Agreements for Project Work

After initial communication and information gathering with the customer, Intente will provide a proposal detailing the project, deliverables, client responsibilities, associated costs, and payment terms. Proposals expire 30 days from their original date. Upon acceptance of the proposal by the customer and receipt of a deposit by Intente, the proposal becomes a binding agreement and a work schedule will be determined.

Changes in project scope will be communicated to the customer and associated fees agreed upon before additional work is done. Major scope changes and/or changes in customer’s project team may require a new proposal.


Intente will support and correct any issues related to our work on a project’s development or implementation for a period of 30 days after the go-live date. Any work performed on issues found after the initial 30 day period may be billable to the customer, at Intente’s discretion, at the current rate.

Support required for issues related to changes in software or services from another provider or the customer themself, inside or after the 30 day warranty period, is billable at the current rate.


Support is provided on a time-and-materials basis and scheduled accordingly with other work based on complexity of request, availability of resources, and the critical need.


Projects for new customers require an initial deposit before work can begin. Final payment is due upon completion of the project. Terms for subsequent project work will depend on scope. Routine maintenance for established customers of Intente will be invoiced monthly, payment due on receipt. We reserve the right to require a retainer or advance payment from any customer as we deem necessary.

Intente accepts payment by personal or business check. Payment via PayPal is accepted but will incur a service charge.

Refund Policy

The majority of our projects that have been reserved with a deposit proceed to completion. However, from time to time there are situations when the project needs to be terminated. Our refund policy is as follows:

  • Deposits for projects that HAVE NOT been started are fully refundable.
  • Deposits for projects that HAVE been started are refundable, less charges for time and materials for work completed to date, regardless of whether the work is used or not.
  • Unrecoverable costs for fees and/or other charges for resources and/or third party goods and services will be deducted from the deposit refund.
  • Discounts and/or other promotions will not be applied to refunded deposits.


Intente reserves the right to withdraw/terminate services at any time. Reasons for cancellation may include, but are not limited to, poor payment history, inappropriate customer reputation or behavior, customer unresponsiveness or unpreparedness, differences in professional practices, or project inactivity. In the event that a project is in process at the time of cancellation, our refund policy will be applied.

Copyright Policy

All intellectual property created for a project is owned by Intente, Inc. We have the right to reuse any artwork, images, HTML, CSS, javascript, and/or other resources we create. Any resources supplied by the customer are owned by the customer and will not be reused without permission.

Information and Artwork Backups

As part of our general work practice, Intente keeps backup copies of our project work, including customer source files, some artwork/photo resources (as deemed necessary), HTML, CSS, and javascript files. This work may be located on any of the the company’s or contractors’ hard drives and/or disks. In addition to restoration of the customer’s data in case of loss, copies are kept to be available for work on regular maintenance and updates.

Intente gives no warranties to the accuracy of backup data or resources should restoration of such data or resources be required. Intente is not responsible for data or resources when modified by the customer or another service provider. It is the responsibility of the customer to have the most current backups of all data and resources.

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