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Restorative Formulations


NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced


Montpelier, VT


Health & Wellness (Wholesale)

Restorative Formulations offers physicians a range of therapeutic formulations designed to maximize hormone, cardiac, and immune function in the clinical setting. 

Intente worked with the Restorative team to migrate their WooCommerce web store to SCA. The prject included a new, custom theme, reorganized category structure, and added custom extensions for more functionality. The result is a streamlined, beautiful web store that integrated seamlessly with their NetSuite backend. The site leverages the SuiteCommerce extensibility layer for many unique customizations to enhance the shopping experience for both patients and physicians.

Customizations via Extensions

  • Dropdown mega menu with custom links
  • Header/footer settings with extended configuration UI
  • Unique product assortments for US and Canada customers, including home page custom merchandising zone
  • Patient and physician account controls
  • Patient fulfillment program
  • Shipping controls
  • Cart content/feedback
  • Patient/physician and US/Canada audience controls for navigation and content throughout
  • Enhanced messaging in checkout and account
  • Currency selector

Services Provided

SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)
SuiteCommerce Extensions
UX & UI Design
WooCommerce  to SCA Migration

Intente SuiteCommerce Web Store Design, Development & Consulting