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Sporting Goods (Retail/Wholesale)

Nfinity is the world’s first and only brand with a focus on designing and engineering lightweight high-performance athletic footwear for female athletes.

Intente designed, developed, and migrated the new NetSuite SCA web store to replace their SuiteCommerce Sitebuilder web store. The result is a clean, custom look with a modern experience throughout. The site leverages core SCA functionality combined with the SC extensibility layer for customizations.

Project Details

  • Responsive NetSuite web store with SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • Custom design and SuiteCommerce theme
  • Custom SuiteCommerce extensions
  • Single secure shopping domain

Customizations / Extensions

  • Dropdown mega menu with images
  • Header/footer settings with extended configuration UI
  • Home page banner rotator and content
  • Product list page swatch image selector, color availability, filtering by color with corresponding image
  • Product details page dynamic size charts, video, and 360 degree view modals
  • Landing pages and enhanced content with Site Management Tools and custom content types
  • Enhanced pagination controls
  • Custom case and lead forms
  • Instagram feed on home page
  • Events module
  • Item badges
  • Find Your Sales Rep Map
  • Hidden stock availability display for sales reps
  • Checkout messaging
  • Multiple add to cart/wish list on product detail page
  • Product option controls
  • Stock availability controls and messaging
  • Image gallery selector for multiple colors

Services Provided

SuiteCommerce Advanced
SuiteCommerce Theme
SuiteCommerce Extensions
UX & Design
SuiteCommerce Sitebuilder Migration

Nfinity SuiteCommerce
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