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Urbandale, IA


Automotive Powersports Atermarket Parts (Wholesale/Retail)

The All Balls Racing Group is a combination of 10 of the finest aftermarket powersports brands.

Intente worked with the ABRG team to create a web store that merges the brands into one comprehensive site. The NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced web store implementation has a new, custom theme and added custom extensions including make/model/year part finder, detailed product data, in/out-of-stock behavior and messaging, as well as creative brand landing pages. The result is a robust web store that lays the groundwork for future growth.

Project Details

  • Responsive NetSuite web store with SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • Custom design and SuiteCommerce theme
  • Custom SuiteCommerce extensions
  • Single secure shopping domain
  • Added functionality through Google Tag Manager

Customizations / Extensions

  • Custom dropdown mega menu with promotions and content
  • Make/model/year part finder and advanced search functionality
  • Header/footer settings with extended configuration UI
  • In and out-of-stock behavior and messaging
  • Easy updates with extended configuration UI
  • Enhanced messaging in checkout and account
  • Product features and badges
  • Unique landing pages and enhanced content with Site Management Tools and custom content types
  • Custom forms

Services Provided

SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)
SuiteCommerce Theme
SuiteCommerce Extensions
UX & Design

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