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DIY Home Center - Extending NetSuite SuiteCommerce web stores

Extending NetSuite Web Stores

It’s popular for companies to offer NetSuite “add-ons” or “templates”, but what does that really mean? Most likely there is not simply a software download, but rather a requirement that the functionality or design be installed by a professional. At Intente, we know that each SuiteCommerce implementation is unique and not "one size fits all". All of our web stores are custom designed and fitted to the customer’s branding and functionality requirements. Our solutions are a combination of tried and true methods that we have developed ourselves, work done with our partners, and popular web widgets and utilities. Our SuiteCommerce web stores include common HTML features such as drop down navigation, modal windows, live chat installation, and forms as well as custom functionality as required by each customer.

Responsive NetSuite SuiteCommerce (SCA) Web Stores
NetSuite SuiteCommerce (SCS/SCA) Web Stores

Out-of-the-box responsive and featured-packed, SuiteCommerce is NetSuite’s web store solution, fully integrated with your back office. We can take it to the next level with a creative design and custom functionality that is tailored to your business.

More of our work

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Themes and Extensions
SuiteCommerce Themes and Extensions

The latest SuiteCommerce builds on an extensibility framework that allows for faster deployment and upgrades.

Intente services include:

  • Themes
  • Extensions
  • Sitebuilder Migration
  • Customization

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Creative SuiteCommerce Home Page and Landing Page Design
Creative Home Page and Landing Page Design

First impressions are important, but so is the abililty to have a home page that is easy to update. We build stylish and intelligent page templates with maintenance in mind, giving our customers the flexibility to keep their content fresh on their own schedule.

Web Store Dropdown Navigation
Dropdown Navigation “Mega-Menus”

Web stores with many pages can benefit from all-inclusive navigation that allows a visitor to locate products quickly. The dropdown sections can include text links, promotions, and/or images. To minimize maintenance pain, we find the balance between the need for change with the customer’s maintenance budget and skill set.

Touch-Friendly, Tiered Responsive Navigation
Touch-Friendly, Tiered Responsive Navigation

With limited real estate on small devices, well-planned and implemented navigation is a must. We have designed and developed responsive navigations from simple to complex. We include additional UI enhancements depending on our customers’ particular web store requirements such as account links, cart feedback, and searching.

Innovative Item Detail Page Information and UI
Innovative Item Detail Page Information and UI

They say content is king. We pride ourselves on our information design and organization. We want your customers to easily find the product details they need to make informed decisions and "buy now". We want our customers to be able to keep their web stores updated by simply adding content to item records.

Responsive Image Galleries
Responsive Image Galleries

Providing clear, high quality photos for items is a challenge for most ecommerce companies. We help by assessing the image assets available and plan a strategy for easy and effective implementation. We have built a variety of gallery solutions that are not only responsive, but adjust to the availability of images on a per item basis.

Customized Matrix Select Options
Customized Selectors/Options

Matrix items and item option selectors can be enhanced for a more visual experience and increased functionality, but still retain integrated NetSuite functionality.

Dynamic Category and Item List Design
Dynamic Category and Item List Design

Displaying item lists in a non-grid format is not only fun and interesting for the visitor, but it can save precious page real estate and make it easier to browse products. Keeping the content dynamicly generated from the NetSuite backend is an added bonus.

Custom Category and Item Messaging and Badges
Custom Item Messaging and Badges

Adding smart graphics to highlight key product features, promos, or messages is easy and almost a given on our sites. Our method makes it easy for a customer to maintain and update.

NetSuite Extended Wholesale Functionality
Extended Wholesale Functionality
with Centricity Systems

Of course, we’ve added functionality to enhance the wholesale portal for many customers. These require specific log in permission to view, but we’d be happy to show you some of these examples privately:

  • Large order entry form
  • Bulk order with csv upload
  • Quantity available across multiple distribution centers
  • Enhanced log in status detection
  • Custom messaging/images per role
  • Private content
  • Forced case pack quantity purchase
  • Custom customer application form and workflow
  • Strike-through prices
  • Email cart
  • Item quick look up
  • Credit authorization on a per customer basis
  • Back-order behavior controls
  • Order minimums by customer
Email Subscription Forms With Timed Popup
Email Subscription Forms With Timed Popup

Expand your direct marketing reach. Gather newsletter signups by leveraging NetSuite forms. These can be automatic or manual popup windows or embedded right in the page.

WordPress Blogs

Often our customers would like to have a companion blog to support the shopping experience and drive sales. We use WordPress to create blogs that match and complement the main web store.

WordPress Blogs

These are just a few examples. We love a challenge. Let us help you!