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Extending NetSuite SuiteCommerce web stores

NetSuite Web Store Design

Intente provides innovative and integrated NetSuite SuiteCommerce web store design solutions. As a partner in NetSuite's Commerce Agency Program, we are certified for SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) design and implementation. We also are a pioneer of responsive web stores with NetSuite's Sitebuilder module. That means one web store, one URL, one module for an engaging shopping experience across mobile and desktop devices.

What We Offer
  • Custom web store design integrated with NetSuite functionality
  • NetSuite web store design to match your current site
  • Implementation of your existing look and feel into NetSuite
  • Landing page design and implementation
  • Banner design
  • NetSuite SEO implementation
  • Web store maintenance
NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)
  • Design and development of responsive SCA web stores
  • Leverage "out-of-the-box" functionality with custom look and feel
  • Customizations to fit your unique backend requirements
  • Innovative UI touches
  • New release migration
NetSuite SuiteCommerce Standard (SCS) (to be released soon)
  • Custom design and themes
  • Implementation and support
NetSuite SuiteCommerce Sitebuilder
  • Responsive web stores with NetSuite Sitebuilder
  • Checkout and My Account reference bundle implementation and customization
  • NetSuite advanced site customization
Our Approach

The key to creating a great NetSuite web store is great planning. Intente uses core principles of information design to create effective responsive SuiteCommerce web stores in which your customers can find what they are looking for.

If you already have an great web design, Intente can implement it in NetSuite, enhancing its capabilities by adding NetSuite web store functionality. If your goal is to update the look and feel of your current NetSuite web store while increasing its selling power, Intente can provide the necessary revisions. If you’re a new business, or new to ecommerce, Intente will work with you to define, plan, and create a NetSuite web store solution that meets your needs. Our ecommerce projects range from full-blown NetSuite web stores to NetSuite web stores integrated with an external site, to smaller, simplified NetSuite web stores.

Intente designs NetSuite SuiteCommerce web stores with maintenance in mind, balancing your need for customization with your need for flexibility. Clients who wish to maintain their own web stores, for example, may need a different information architecture than clients who do not. Intente understands that the right NetSuite web store for you is the one that meets your unique business needs.





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